A summary of the past year

I am half way through my second year as a business and it has been a roller-coaster so far. After changing my website I decided to go through my news from the past 2 years a pick out some of the highlights to carry forward with me.

Benchmark Exhibition - Craft Central June 2013

This was a great show for me and I have such fond memories of the warm summer opening in June last year. 

Benchmark 2

One Year On - New Designers - June 2013

This was another highlight of my year last year. I was introduced to an amazing group of people within the industry and it helped me get my work into galleries, shops and boutiques across the UK. 








Hothouse! January - July 2013

I took part in Craft Council's business and creative programme Hothouse last year. Over 6 months I took part in 12 meetings in London where we learnt how to do out books and record keeping to how to stand and present yourself when talking to someone. It was a great time and I learnt a huge amount

The Naked Craft Residency - Scottish Sculpture Workshop - Lumsden

I took part in a 10 day residency in October 2013 in the chilly east coast of Scotland. 5 Canadian artists along with 5 Scottish artists spent the duration of the residency exchanging stories, eating and getting to understand each others culture a bit more. We had access to the various workshops on site including a metal, wood and ceramic workshop and a forgery. This was a great chance to experiment making large scale jewellery and exploring a different landscape. 









trees lumsden

Designer Jewellers Group and Dazzle! 

I had my work in the Barbican and OXO tower for the run-up to Christmas in 2013. This was a great opportunity to exhibit in these 2 prestigious shows. The Designer Jewellers Group selected me at One Year One to be one of their 'New Designers' where we are also appointed mentors to guide us through in the run-up to the show. Dazzle also selected me from One Year on and I will be exhibiting with them again this year in both Edinburgh and London.