January highs

Even though this feels like the longest month I have been cracking on with new work!

I took part in CRAFT, at the start of the month, which was my first trade show. I exhibited with 5 other Highland makers which worked really well and found it to be a really successful show. Here is a picture of me by my stand where I have introduced 2 new colours to my stainless steel range - Aqua and midnight Blue. 


While in London I visited the Lesley Craze Gallery (website HERE) which is sadly closing down on the 31st and has been a wonderful stockist of mine since 2013. Since college I admired this gallery as being one of the best cutting edge contemporary jewellery galleries in Britain. It will be sorely missed in the London gallery scene, across Britain and further afield! To remember the gallery I decided to treat myself to a beautiful piece of jewellery by a Hungarian jeweller here is a picture in the beautiful Lesley Craze box.

Here a display of my jewellery at the gallery while I was visiting.