The Tremble!

After having some sleepless nights, my journey of development has reached a turning point....the Tremble pendant (hopefully)

Goldsmiths Fair is in just over 7 weeks and I have been spending the past 2 months developing new work made in silver and gold to be showcased at this prestigious event. This year Goldsmiths have ensured the graduates also have some mentoring in the run up to the event. Having been to 1 meeting at the Goldsmiths Centre in London I had a follow up Skype session from my kitchen in Skye with renowned goldsmith Robin Kyte and Jon East, a specialist on all things media and communications. 

So far within my new collection I feel I have touched on some pieces that really stand out to me and this last session was a chance to get feedback on the designs and how I can push them forward. The 'Tremble' was mentioned in the conversation as maybe a new addition to the collection - how hard could it be to make??? 

5 hours later and 5 failed spring attempts cast to the floor of my workshop, I think I have managed to successfully make a tremble piece. 

I am hoping to work this piece into one of my larger statement pieces that captures the bobing buoys that I can see floating in the Sound of Sleat. 

Watch this space.....